Data Mapping

Using measurement technology, we collect data, analyze data, make recommendations, and provide it to our clients in easy to understand formats so they can make management decisions.

*Since each client has their own unique requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs and the associated costs.

Soil moisture mapping on golf greens: Interested in getting a detailed look at the irrigation system performance on your greens. Hire Turf Intelligence for $3000** to map the soil moisture on 18 greens. We will provide you with detailed soil moisture maps and recommendations for improving your irrigation system. Are you interested in having the soil moisture of a different area mapped, such as fairways or a sports field? Please contact us for pricing.


  • Map soil moisture. Reason: To assess irrigation system performance and define management units. Money saving response: Adjustments made to irrigation system will reduce water use and save water pumping costs. Additional benefits: Increased consistency across and between playing surfaces.

  • Map light levels. Reason:To assess light quantity reaching the turf surface. Money saving response: Informed decisions about tree removal and thinning means inputs are minimized and turf health is maximized. Additional benefits: Data can be used to validate practices with management and green committee members.

  • Map soil salinity. Reason: To assess salinity levels and variation. Money saving response: Leaching only where it is necessary reduces water use and pumping. Additional benefits: Improved playing conditions after leaching, because minimum water is used.
  • Map soil compaction. Reason: To assess variability in compaction and determine management units. Money saving response: Aerating only areas that need it saves inputs. Additional benefits: Less aeration reduces golfer complaints


**price subject to change depending on travel requirements




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