Measurement Technology Implementation

Interested in using measurement technology at your site? We support your use of measurement technology in three functional areas: Selection, Implementation, and Data Management. Already using measurement technology? We can still help you use the meters more effectively by improving Implementation and Data Management. Frustrated by using technology from different manufacturers? We can help with Data Management.

Selection: Using our extensive knowledge of the market place we can provide information on competing products to help you make an informed purchase. We will answer the questions: What is best, in ground or mobile sensors? Which manufacturer makes the best equipment? What is the least expensive, yet quality meter?

Implementation: We will train you and your crew how to use the meter (including calibration), help you determine the optimum levels for your site, consult with where to place or use the meter, and design schedules for collecting data. We will answer the questions: How does it work? Is the sensor reading accurately? What values should I see on my site? Where should an in ground sensor be placed? How is a mobile sensor best utilized?

Data Management: We can provide optimized data collection formats that assist management decisions. We will even help determine guidelines for decisions. We will answer the questions: How do I manage the data? What decisions should I make based on the data?

*Since each client has their own unique requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs and the associated costs.

Weather Station Implementation Package: If you are purchasing a Davis or Spectrum Technologies WatchDog weather station for your site, consider hiring Turf Intelligence to implement the weather station. Our team has expertise in installing and utilizing these systems. For $2,250** we will travel to your site, install your weather station, and provide up to 3 hours of training for your crew on how to use the weather station. If you would like us to install a different kind of weather station, please contact us for pricing. If you just need training or tech support for a troubled station, please contact us for pricing.

Here are a few examples of what we have done for our clients:

  • Implemented eight mobile soil moisture sensors at a 36 hole facility to direct hand watering and overhead irrigation. Results: (1) Improved the playability of the greens by reducing localized wet and dry spots. (2) Reduced wasteful watering by only irrigating water deficient areas. (3) Reduced time spent evaluating irrigation need by providing a simple and quick evaluation method.

  • Integrated data from mobile and in ground soil moisture sensors into one data collection format for easy management decisions. Results: (1) Improved understanding of current conditions by providing data in one location. (2) Reduced time spent comparing data.

  • Determine the optimum irrigation point based on soil moisture data to direct when and how much to irrigate. Results: (1) Optimally timed irrigation. (2) Reduced overall water use during the year.

  • Established an environment monitoring system to predict disease occurrence. Results:(1)Better timed fungicide applications led to improved control.(2) Eliminated one fungicide application during the year.

  • Developed protocols for monitoring salinity and a salinity threshold to direct flushing of greens. Results: (1) Reduced the number of time-consuming flushing events. (2) Reduced the amount of water used to flush the greens.


**price subject to change depending on travel requirements


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